hello i amjust gathering my materials for a sub 250 gr  plane i have seleceted a plan from Aerofred that i like (Widgeon 14"w\s) would  you say that the master  list is applicable to a model of this size or can someone give a selection of materials that would apply to a lightweight model of this nature     dave c
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The master parts list I think is set for fairly standard medium sized park jets. For sub-250s you'll want a smaller ESC around 20amp, and a quad motor. Then for the battery, aim for around 600MaH 3S and you should be able to get away with a lighter build. You can probably go lower - I've built a 270g park jet using the mentioned set up with a 800MaH 3S and I wasn't strictly aiming for it to be super light.

Simpler designs demanding less foam and structural reinforcing are easier to keep the weight down on as well.
BRB - Building another nosecone.
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