Once a pilot can takeoff and land, do rolls, the other two maneuvers that cause problems are the knife edge and flying inverted. If you master those, it gives you the capability to do almost any maneuver.

I ended up with an airplane(Sukhoi) that has one of those AS3X gyros (really didn't want a gyro) that has a PANIC MODE.

What that does, if you you totally lose orientation or don't know what control to move when you are say inverted, all you do is hit the switch or button,(provide you have enough altitude) and it right itself and flys straight and level.

So, after learning on a simulator, think about purchasing a plane with a panic mode or just the gyro system and going up 3 or 4 crash heights, and not worrying about losing the plane.

If you purchase a AS3x gyro where one that has programming capabilities, you then can set up so in the future so you have 3 modes to fly in.

Mode 1-- no gyro
Mode 2-- gyro assisted where you can fly in gusty winds.
Mode 3-- you can fly 3D which allows you how to hover.

So, there is some food for thought.
I like to design and fly unique planes.
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