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Open it with windows explorer...I've had no luck using (you have those options on what to open the PDFs with every time you open them). Sometimes, it's just the people there.
Crashing is part of learning. If you don't have any, it's like getting an F
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I am currently having the same problem with the same plane plans, the Pak fa V1. I have tried as many different routes I can think of for them to print it off. Including the instructions posted above. I didn't have the any problem with the free f-35 print. Although the permissions are different for these two files if you look at them side by side. I can't help but wonder if that is the issue. PLEASE HELP.

- Which PDF plans are you trying to open?
- Are you using Adobe Reader? What version if so?
- Scott Lott
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i had the same problem at my kinkos with the same plan. i could open it on my computer. i had to make 4 different trips and then even tried a different store. every time the guys said that is was encrypted and couldnt open it. they said their adobe reader was updated, everything was working on their end and kept telling me my file was corrupted. i had to get a unlocked version of the plan to make it work in the end.
Nothing said I had to crash
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