So..... Jay and i just built identical planes, i used the same motors and esc for both builds. Mine, no problem, Jays is jinxed. From the first try at maiden the motor cut out, not sure why, but anyway we tried a different esc. 2nd try, flew for about 30 seconds and the motor quit. Motor was hot so guessed that would be the fault. In the process of taking the motor off i broke the wooden mount so had to reglue a new mount in. 2nd motor was a brand new turnigy 2200kv that i put in and would you believe it would not turn over, it stuttered, but would not work.
So pull that off and get another motor out, this one is a DYS 2600kv, i put on a hk 50amp esc, should be good right.
3rd attempt at maiden i get about 1 1/2 maybe 2 minutes and smoked the motor.......seriously, running a 6x4 prop on 3s and it smoked. I have not had this problem before and i have to say it is f***ing annoying and frustrating. 3 motors, now will have to retire another plane to get a 4th motor...........
Hey DM, I heard rumours you crash better than Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr😃
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Usually stuttering is a bad connection or esc, re-solder connections and try it again for the Turnigy 2200. I don't think I ever got a bad Turnigy 2200 motor. For the 2600 DYS you simply could have got it to hot, try some TGS 6X3 props with that combo.
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