We had a great few days here at RCPowers and FRCFoamies! Jay came out for a visit for the past few days and we had a time to hang out, discuss forum business, plan future plane designs from RCPowers and FRCFoamies and, of course, FLY planes! Thanks to Fed50H and NEWT for coming down to join us. Unfortunately JettaManDan, and TomMonton were not able to make it but we'll try again next year. Rain broke long enough to allow us to fly both Friday and Saturday. Here are some pics, video to follow...
20190503_114839.jpg  20190503_142040.jpg  20190503_142444.jpg  20190503_150405.jpg  20190504_144509.jpg  20190504_144701.jpg  20190504_144719.jpg  20190504_162045.jpg  20190504_165703.jpg  20190504_180427(0).jpg  20190504_180620(0).jpg  20190504_163819_026.jpg  20190504_165721_004.jpg 
      20190504_133218.jpg  IMG_20190504_115829~2.jpg 
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SOOOOOOOO Sad i missed this guys. Was winging my way back from Italy. We def need to make this happen again. I may organize one down my way sooner than next year..but Jay won't be able to come..sucks..always one man out! Glad the weather broke long enough for some flights (crashes!!)  Good times for sure i bet.
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Good friends, beer and grub...and planes...lots of planes....
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Old school and new school...
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