yesterday, tuesday, i ordered online the mini vapor from grayson hobby, I thought.
went thru the process with checkout and onto paypal. clicked confirm, with paypal, and up came the thank you window from grayson. i forgot to copy down the confirmation number.
so i notice there is no email from paypal or grayson to confirm purchase. so i look on paypal and there is not order record. and funds werent deducted from my account.
so i send an email to grayson asking what' up?
No response yet from them.
I guess there is no way to contact the online side, the store doesnt pickup either,
something about being on vacation.
so anyone know how to get hold of them or why my order doesnt process?
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well, what happened was i forgot to hit final "confirm the order" button so the order never got transmitted. so once i figured that out the order went in. and the mini-vapor arrived today. nice packing and all.
i hadnt realized it came with its own receiver as well. wow, everything sure is tiny.
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