I recently joined and was just wondering whether the $67 course is just the blueprints or does it include the parts? Thanks. Kind regards - RC_Addict
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the course is a course: lot's of info and how-to's. It includes several plans as well, but they are without parts. not sure how it is now, but there used to be coupons included, which could get you parts at a discount.
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What Exactly Is In The New Course?

    • VIDEOS! Step by step build of the popular F-35 V2. See every detail in HD!
    • AUDIO! Sit down with Dave Powers as he goes over EVERYTHING you need to know!
    • TEXT! Chapter by chapter its all written out for you. Print out and take it to the field!
    • DIAGRAMS! Elevons, V-tail, Flaps, Spoilerons, Gyros, 4x4, and more being added!
    • PDF PLANS! F-35, F-22, F-18, F-117, MiG-29, & Euro ($77.94 value).

No waiting for shipping! The New Course is an instant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!
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