Hi guys,

Will you release the J20 and Ikon A5 plans!

id like to get them . wanted to build these for a long time!

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Welcome aboard DC! I do not believe RC Powers ever designed an A5. But if you want to design and build one yourself, you've come to the right place for support!

If you've never built or flown before, I personally recommend the Su-34 V4. Others may have recommend other plans but my point is you want to have a go at the trainer models first to familiarise yourself with the crash course of building and flying. And you will go through a couple models at least on your way - there's a LOT of crashing in this hobby haha! After that, you'll be well equipped to decide which bumpy road your adventure travels down next. 🙂
BRB - Building another nosecone.
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Thanks AP!

im a new poster in the forum but ive been in the hobby for 5 years so ive build plenty of planes ! and crashed  plenty too LOLL!!!

rc powers did release an ikon A5 plan and J20 too check f1wanabe youtube channel!!

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You're right! The icon was Scott Lotts plan and was available on rcpowers. It was never a formal release though. And the j20 was very close to an f22v2 with canards. I'll see if I have the j20 plans but I won't post the icon plans.
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