Prepared meats (bacon, salami, wieners) ought to be eaten just a couple times each week. Eat a lot of various hued veg: From dull verdant greens to brilliant red and yellow peppers. Add sauces and enhancing to your veg: Lemon, spread or olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, stew, sauce. Have a drink, however not very numerous: Once HL12 supplement you are on the "upkeep" BSD Way of Life, attempt to normal close to one to two units a day (a little glass of wine or shot of spirits is 1.5 units) and cut back on lager – it's rich in carbs, which is the reason it's known as "fluid toast". (We suggest no liquor for the primary month of the eating regimen: this helps the liver kick again into capacity and to lessen insulin resistance.

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