drive and air smash
I gotta say I LOVE this car... sadly it isnt mine it is my dads... BUT it still is kinda I like I own it still! because I have to pay for gas glow plugs glow plug egniters etc. so technincaly I own it because I am also the only who drives it idk why ia m the only one that does either? I mean it freaking beats our old traxxas rustler!! but any ways... here are the pics. sorry for the sideways and the upside down one... I LOVE THIS THING!!! especially when it hits the second speed!!!!

IMG_0893.JPG IMG_0891.JPG IMG_0892.JPG 
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Savage is a great truck....I've found my new love in 1/5th scale gasses....$4 of 89 octane gives
Me like 10 hours of run time. Now more glo plugs and $30 per gallon Nitro
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