1)Biplane or high wing airplane. (foamy is nice)

2) Stiff paper (magazine cover), thin plastic or paper cup, tooth picks, rubber bands.
Hot glue plastic cup to stiff paper. Put 2 tooth picks in leading edge of wing, one in trailing edge. Use a couple of rubber to hold cup onto the wing.

3) Plastic Easter Egg which allows you to put a couple of pennies inside to weight down and then glue shut.

4) Grocery plastic bag cut 12 inch circle, 4 threads(borrow from wife) cut 14 in length that you tape every 90 degrees to plastic bag using about 1 inch of thread. I use small lead shot from fishing tackle box and pinch it at the other end of string once they are all the same length. The less weight you use the more the parachute will float.

Now your fun begins. Put your Easter egg in cup, launch your egg(not to steep, it falls out) and see if you can go up and drop the egg next to you.
Do a half loop to exit the egg. The guys love to watch this exercise when you go up about 200-300ft.

For the parachute, wrap the string around the plastic and the trick is to put the lead shot in the cup and then the parachute. If you go up real high, there are times when thermals will actually take the parachute up and away. Always a crowd pleaser. Try to have it land on the runway.

The week after I demo, here comes a club member with a garbage bag(cut hole in the top) tied with string and a bolder 2 inches round. Loads it in his twin cargo plane and drops it right onto a tree. Now we even drop them together to see who gets it closer to themselves.
I like to design and fly unique planes.
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Video would be nice!
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yeah especially how you totally lost my attention span on the first sentence.

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I say just drop real eggs and see if you can cream someone with one...
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