Hi, I am Marcus and I am 13 years old

A looking to build a rc plane for a school project due in budget is thigh and I wonder how much it will cost to build a f-22 plane based on your plans, including parts

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Hi Marcus.

If you go to the master parts list and look through the options and if you need the cheap route then choose the cheapest products.

This thread has everything that you need to start.

Can you give us a background on what you have? do you have a transmitter or anything?
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of info about that just use the search tool.
Anyway depends of the country where you live but is really possible make a plane with u$100 to 120 , including cheap tx (or second hand).
For low budget use v1 profile planes.. They are lighter then needs less power and materials

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good luck!

tx Futaba 9CAP & 8U
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Good to see more teens getting in the hobby. Depending on where you live, the parts can be cheap and result available. Have you plane any type of aircraft before? And what is the project on? And do you want to continue flying after the project? You can probably get a plane flying for less than $80 with parts from hobbyking. Look on YouTube and you will find tons of videos on the different setups and then how they fly.
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