Well, we decided to set the water fill knob on the washing machine between settings and let it run until there was 1.5 inches of water floating around the laundry room.

wait for it... 11pm at night.
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i hate standing water with 110 220 and 440 handy--most of the fellows on my 24 hour crew had slightly wetter feet when they inadvertantly touched 440 diagnosing/repairing machines, and it knocked them "on their keester" they usually said , luckily no-one was killed in that old dump -one group leaders hair was burned fuzzy by a service knife that didnt open in the elec service room , -my feet were dry as a bone when i found a lack of insulation inside a machine- someone didnt insulate it good --BZZZZZZZZ ! --it was locked out, but one of the knives remained closed cuzza a broken knife coupler in the service lockout - i got scolded -- "always check the knives"
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