OK, I placed an order for a prop adaptor last thursday and I recieved it today. Nice fast turn-around (3 business days).

The item I ordered was an E-Flight EFLM1923 1/8" Prop adaptor (FYI, 1/8' = 3.17mm folks).

What I got was an EFLM1932 5mm Prop Adaptor.

SO, I called them up and let them now, gave the order number and they checked and said sorry, our mistake, we'll ship you the right one today. I asked them how they want me to send this one back and they said "Just keep it, no problem here. It's just a prop adaptor, sorry for the mistake".

Ok, now THAT is someone who understands Customer service. Will I order from them again? Very likely that I will if they have something I'm looking for in the future unless their price is way overboard.

Thumbs up for Hobby Hobby for me.
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