Been away for awhile and with the turn (getting much colder) in the weather I thought I’d invest a little time with a couple of mods for my Hawk Sky.

I was having trouble with securing the wings – they were very loose and packing tape just wasn't working. I wanted to avoid making them permanent with glue so I opted for 3M Command hooks and rubber bands. I mounted two below each wing and looped rubber bands back to back, front to front, and crisscrossed each. It will bugger up air flow some but I’m guessing no worse than the tape did.

I don’t know what to do about the rudder control rod. It does not fit smoothly into the control horn and because of the tension (it has started separating from the foam), it makes smooth operation impossible. I’m prepared to visit my LHS for a replacement – something a bit longer and bendable so it doesn’t rest on the tail.

Should I stay with the shielded rod or can I go to a bare one? Then again, maybe you have a better idea? Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Stick with the rod in the tube but tape/glue the tube into place.
I use a periodic dose of silicone to keep rods moving freely in their tubes and on control horn attachments.
It might be possible to bend the rod up a bit (and then down again) after it exits the tube but you may not have enough length for this judging by your pics. You can make new rods from piano wire if desired but the length they are dictates that they are retained in a tube.
Resting on the tail - If this persists after other repairs then you could glue a small piece of plastic (old credit card) bent into a V for the rod to run on over the surface of the tail or perhaps sleeve the rod in another piece of tube glued to the tail.

Just my ideas - others will probably have better ones.
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I've have found small diameter straws or great for control rod sleeves. If your saying the control horn is moving freely with the clevise, try loosening the nut so that the clevise can turn easier in the horn. Also when you do this, put a small dab of hot glue on top of the nut to make sure it doesn't come off mid flight ( ask me how I know). And don't worry about the rubber bands. If the mounts annoy you just use tooth pics and 2 regular rubber bands. Ever since I did this I've never had a wing come out. And these stretch easier in a crash
Rubber band mechanism
Straw sleeve
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Love the drinking straw - it got me thinking. Out of the box, the control rod for the rudder was flapping against the fuse so I decided that some hot glue would snug it up. Unfortunately, it took the bend out of the rod and forced a really 'tight' fit. I'm going to cut it away this afternoon and see what happens. The worst means new wire and some straws for a sleeve.
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Along the fuse you want that to not Ben at all. Other wise you loose throw.
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You dont want that drastic bend at the end, that causes a lot of strain. Its ok if you have a little, minor bend through the rod but not such a sharp one at the end like you have. If you want to fix the foam breaking in the rudder, take a bit of hot glue and put it over the broken hinge, then rub away the extras with something. Make sure to keep the hinge tight together and if you can, move it back and forth so the glue "stretches"
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Here is what all I did to my hawksky.
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