Hello everyone. I've been scratching my head on this for a while, and finally decided that it's time to reach out for some help. So, thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

I am trying to use some new gyros. I've used both versions of the orangerx 3-axis gyros that hobbyking sells, and have not had a problem. However, now I am trying to use some Heading hold gyros, and they are acting funny... Even in rate mode with the gain turned off...

I have the E-Sky EK2-0704B
I haven't even put these in a plane yet. I'm still bench testing.
I have not programmed any D/R or Expo or other mixing that would affect my bench test...
When I connect my servo directly to the Rx, I get perfectly normal servo movement from the stick. Full stick throw equals full servo throw.

However, when I connect the gyro to the Rx, and connect the servo to the gyro, suddenly my servo movement is amplified. With the gyro in the circuit, the servo will go to full throw at about half throw on the stick?!?!

I have three of these Gyros and they all act the exact same.
I've been through all variations of Limit, Delay, and Gain. Regardless of any of those adjustments, I still have this strange servo travel issue.

Any Thoughts?
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Hi XDmToter,
Do you have a program mix with the radio? Gyros need to have a clean, unmixed signal in order to work properly.
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No, No mixes. I just started with a blank model, and applied the "Simple 4-CH" and the "Sticky-T-Cut" templates (I'm using Open9x). I haven't set up any D/R or Expo yet either.
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Other Open9x settings that I don't really know what they do.... Could these have something to do with it??

Proto = PPM 8CH
PPM Frame = 22.5ms 300u -
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Well, Just to rule out any problems with my slightly modified transmitter, I just went and got out my spare Turnigy 9x.

This is an unmodified Turnigy 9x. straight out of the box, with no changes to any settings.
I connected the gyro to channel 1, and the gain wire to channel 2. This way, I can control the gyro gain with the elevator stick, and the aileron stick should work the servo.

Exact same problem.... The servo still goes to full throw at about half stick on the aileron, regardless of elevator (gain) position.

I then removed the gyro, and connected the servo directly to the rx. The servo works as is should...

I must be missing something. It cannot be a bad gyro because all three gyros act the same. I've tried completely different radio gear. I've tried 4 different servos. all analog. various brands and models.

I'm stumped...
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are both the limit and delay set properly? where is your gain wire connected? if you take a gyro like this and do not set it up on the radio it will default to it's own programming..i stopped trying to use heli gyro's on planes unless i set them up as an actual heli gyro...problem is that a gyro like this is looking for a gain signal from the gear channel..as well as the straight signal from the radio channel...the gyro boards from hobbyking are not signal driven..they are accelerometer only gyro's...any gyro with a gian signal wire really needs to use the gear channel and the gain be setup on there with the proper percentages....if not it will always cause problems...the only gyro's really to use on planes are the original 0704's and these new boards from HK...just my opinion...
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