Thought I would just share this great study of the KF airfoils. They made a great diagram on page four of all the KF airfoils, and their performance in ten different categorys. Top speed, slow speed, high alpha and so on... Check it out, it´s great.
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RcLifeOnSimon
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very intriguing.
aaaaaannnnnd there's the tree
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This study is really good but one point is missed.. all KF airfoils has lot more drag than traditional Clark Y. This isn't important in a plane with enough power but if you want better performance in glide or in high winds is a point to take.
Why do I know that? The previous bronco incarnation used a KF2 wing (folded construction good curved leading edge) . It has lot of lift but it cant penetrate 15-20knots wind with less than 60%of throttle and without throttle it stopped and enter in a stall... I replace the wing with my first Clark Y wing and the result was impressive... Zero throttle and the bronco keeps gliding

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good luck!

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