Couple years ago - I was given an impressive present ... 

Full GoPro travel case containing :

Hero 4 Black
Selfie stick and holder
Removu WiFi remote viewer controller
Std WiFi remote controller 

All the holders ... waterproof cases etc. - complete it literally is near enough carry on case size !! 

The whole she-bang must have cost a packet ... 

But I have never had much luck with it ... it burns through batterys at a frightening rate. I've turned off WiFi ... set at 1080 ... etc. to try reduce load ... but its a real piece of **** !! 

Am I the only one ?? I see many videos with people mounting on helmets ... bikes etc and they get good battery run ? Or am I just assuming they do ?

I'm thinking to see if I can rig an external power system ... ie a 2S small pack via a BEC to the Hero 4 to try and keep it going for at least a couple of model flights !! 

I bought 4 new batterys for it - but they didn't last long before joining the originals ... 
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Could potentially need a firmware update or something. Maybe the firmware they put on it stock came with a bug that eats battery. 

I use a Mobius Action Cam for all my onboard footage. 1080p, wide-angle and good light-level adjustments. I used to say they were basically a GoPro without the armour and at a fraction of the price. Since GoPro have introduced auto-stabilisation and other gimmicks I'd say the Mobius was very basic compared to it now. But some of them still go for £40 and RunCam have made something that looks really similar.

They seem to last well. Been using them for five years, but since one of them went M.I.A in 2018 (if you velcro it to the forward underside of a parkjet, don't fly the parjet into trees), I don't know for sure. But certainly more reliable than it sounds like your GoPro has been.
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Has latest updates ... trying to figure out how to solve the battery issue .... 

Anyone else using GoPro Hero 4 ??
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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my hero 3 would drain a battery very quick..i ended up buying 3 more batts for it. Using the wifi feature doubles the drain.
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I have 6 batts ... but they died after a few months and dropped from about 50 mins each to barely 10 ... rubbish ... only two out of the 6 give over 20mins now.
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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