What lipo battery should we get? Basically, getting the best lipo battery for quadcopter is not an easy task especially for beginners. Given their diverse applications, knowing the best battery for quadcopter can really be a daunting affair.

Things to consider before getting the best lipo battery for quadcopter.

1. Cell Count
Battery voltage or the cell count is an important parameter that need to be noted before you purchase any battery. With a higher cell count, performance is maintained above par. However,higher cell counts translate to an increase in weight which, in some cases, affects performance. For this reason,battery voltage needs to be checked before you purchase any battery.

2. The Size
Size is crucial. Different batteries have different sizes in terms of dimensions as well as weight.You have to be clear on the specific size which best suites your quadcopter. In fact, failure to understand this factor can really mess up your experience.

3. The C-Rating
C-Rating is yet another crucial aspect that need to be checked before you decide to settle for any battery for your quadcopter. Batteries with an extremely low discharge rating often result in under-performance. However, this does not necessarily imply that those with the hightest C-Rating are the best since they are heavier. You need to get a battery whose C rating is convenient for your quadcopter.

4. The Connector Type
There are several battery connectors, the entire process of soldering battery connectors can be tiring and hectic at times. It is always a good idea for one to maintain a given connector type. This way, you are able to make fast and quick connections without having to waste time doing numerous "trial and error" procedures.

5. Quality
Of course, the performance of any battery boils down to its quality. The quality of any lipo battery you get for your quadcopter needs to be impressive. Getting a low-quality battery can really spoil that exciting moment for you.

6. Price
Although not a basic consideration, I find it hard to detach quality from the price at times. And yes, although the most expensive batteries for you quadcopter might not be the best ones, in most cases, price really affects the quality. For that reason, although you do not have to necessarily get the most expensive batteries, it is advisable that you get a battery whose price is a reflection of its quality.

How to get the best lipo battery?
After thoroughly checking out all the batteries available in the market, I came up with a list of 5 brands whose performance, C-rating, quality and cell count out-muscled the rest. And yes, they are the best lipo battery you should get for your quadcoper.

1. Tattu / Gens ace
Tattu is quite amazing, Using an XT90 Plug connector, mounting it is quite easy which make it a reliable lipo battery for your quadcopter. It is product designed for professional drone owners who want to take their experience to the next level. It is a R-line 95C battery with voltage of 14.8V which makes it quite convenient. And yes, its 1550 ensures that you have enouhg charge to sustain your drone for several trips.

2. Multistar
Multistar high capacity lipo battery comes with 1300 which is quite convenient for 250 FPV. Its size and weight are both quite impressive making it really reliable. What's more, this is an ultra high capacity battery which ensures that you get the best out of your drone. Having been proven an increased 20% fligt time above the standard lipoly batteries, Multistar is quite reliable.

3. SMC
Offering a unique energy density of 200WH/KG, SMC is a professional lipo battery with an impressive performance. Guaranteed to provide close to 150 life cycles, you can never be wrong about this battery. What's more, with a 1300mAh, you can trust it to offer enough flight time.

4. Floureon
Floureon is yet another manufacturer of high qulity lipo batteries. In fact, all their batteries comply with both Rohs and CE standards. Coming in a very high quality, you will even love how effecively they perform. With a 14.8V and a 4 Cell rating ensures that you get enough charge supply for your phantom. If you are looking for a quality battery for your quadcopter,this your bet. Its 75C makes it quite impressive and the weight is really amaing. At its price, I can categorically say that it is a quality product within its price bracket.

5. Venom
Venom is reputable name is the manufacturing of high quadlity lipo batteries. Rated 14.8V series offers the highest performance. It accommodates enough charge to ensure that your quadcopter never runs out of power at the wrong time. With a C rating of 60C, you can never be wrong about its performance. And yes, with its burst maximum discharge rate being close to 120C, it is a must-have if you are looking for a quality for your quadcopter. Personally, I find its mAh quite convenient since it guarantees an increased runtime.

Where to buy the best lipo battery?
They all have gret performances, and have hot deal in market. You can serch their brand on website. I use more Tattu and Gensace batteries than others. They products with the best price and high quality, high discharge rate and local service on USA and Europe.
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