This kid is good. Have a look at the FRCFOAMIES thrust vector system and what it does to this rcpowers F22. Also i guess he is using a 4 cell battery combo on a NTM2700KV/6X4 to get speed like that. Wonder what size ESC he has.

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Why don't you ask him? His user name is Jeriah. He posted that video in the F22V2 thread some weeks ago: http://www.rcpowers.com/community/threads/f-22-easybuild-v2.6006/page-271#post-172013
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Yes, that is an excellent application for both the tv mount and prop drive 2700. In fact, we put that on the frcfoamies website and Jeriah let me edit that video as a music video. Demonstrates how strong the mount is since that prop drive puts out 40 oz thrust. Really amazing flying by Jeriah. Makes me want to build another f22 v2!
The music video :

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He did well, that was even a good crash. It doesn't look like he even hurt the plane.
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Will burn the motor out on 4s with that prop though. Great flying none the less. Not many people pull out that low from a flat spin.
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