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Some of you may recognize this plane. We actually started this plane
over 2 years ago to use with our TV mount, but the timing was never
quite right for a release... unitl now!

The main feature of this plane is obvious: Amazing scale looks with
the sculpted 3mm depron body panels. What isn’t so obvious is that this plane
is still score and fold which means it only takes a couple hours
to cut and a couple hours to assemble. Jay spent a lot of time working
this scale look out and still keeping it simple.

Yes, its got a rear mount motor which is necessary for the extremely
scale looks, and no, we don’t plan on doing a mid mount version.
But, the nice feature about this rear mount plane is that it does have
thrust vectoring coming from the TV vanes in front of the prop, which
gives it great slow flying control, unlike many other rear mounts!

The F22 has a 31 inch wingspan, flies great at around 23 oz with a
1800 3s and CG is extremely forgiving so other batteries are not an issue
long as you are over a 1600 3s.
The battery and esc are under the canopy, and we included the lowered
battery tray of the Mig 2.88 which keeps the mass of the battery on the
thrust line for excellent balance!

Along with this thread and excellent support from the RCPowers members
we also have included a detailed assembly guide right on the plans:
Plan assembly.jpg 

Thank you for your support!

-Jay and Greg

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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/gstrysky
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Looks fantastic!
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Gonna have the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny %÷×€'n Kay!
That is gorgeous.

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Thanks, Peter! Was going to watch White Christmas today but a Broncos game happened! Should have watched White Christmas
Watching now!

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Waiting for this F22 Raptor ... And in the mean while I wish a Happy Christmas for all of you RCP and FRC friends!
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Thank you, and you too, RcUrso!

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Looks amazing! Can't wait.

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Okay fine. .. I've never claimed to be a fan of the rear engine models but. ...oh baby.

This looks hot, I just love the scale look of this one. I've just gotta try it
Fly like your mad at it.
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Congrats FRC team! Keep on innovating for plane's details, guys!

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~Plots how to incorporate an EDF~
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Very nice scale looking F22.
As I am sure it will fly perfectly as all your planes do, congratualtions.

Cheers and Merry Christmas.
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~Plots how to incorporate an EDF~

when you figure that out..let us know!!
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I'm an R/C Junkie! 40+ planes - 12 Heli's - 6 multirotors - and ground vehicles galore! I've got issues.
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Another one for the list!
Looks fantastic guys. Not that I'd expect anything different
Slowly working my way through the RCPowers and FRC Foamies plans list
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Moved the to-do list around again . Hope its out for christmas, looks fantastic
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