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The FRCFoamies F14 Tomcat Profile

The iconic Grumman F14 Tomcat. Its variable sweep wing
gave it excellent take off payload with the wings unswept,
great maneuverability with partially swept wings and
supersonic performance with fully swept wings.
Our FRCFoamies F14 Tomcat gives you the ability to experience
the F14 in a quick build profile parkjet without the weight and
complexity of a scale looking build with a sweeping mechanism.

Features of the FRC F14 Tomcat:

    • Quick profile build. You really can build this in a day!
    • Simple control set up- elevons only works.
    • Wings are adjustable: unswept, partially swept and swept.
    • Simple power systems work great.
    • Three planes in one build- We love the fully swept wings!
    • Feel the F14's flight characteristics without the complex sweeping system.

You can choose your sweep angle and glue the wings in place,
or use plastic screws or tape to keep the wings movable. We're sure someone will come up with a sweeping mechanism to sweep the wings on the fly, but the purpose of our Advanced Profile Series of planes is to give you great performance from a basic build with basic materials.
Center of gravity is critical for the unswept wings. Set that
first and it'll be fine for all other positions.
So, choose your call sign (we'd like to hear what you come up with)
queue up "Danger Zone" and start building!
- Jay and Greg

AKA: Tango and Cash
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F14 Tomcat Build Instructions

Important note when cutting parts:

Be sure to use a straight edge to carefully cut these angles both on the wing support and the wing itself. These straight edges align the wing in the three different sweep positions.

The Parts: All hinges done and CF installed

Step 1: Assemble and glue nose pieces.

20151105_215002-1 (1).jpg 
Make sure the top and bottom of motor mount area are aligned.

Step 2: Assemble and glue nacelles:



Step 3: Assemble and glue fuselage center upper piece:

Top wing plate slides over bottom wing plate.

Add glue only on bottom plate. Do not add glue to top plate if you will be adjusting sweep!

Assemble before glue dries for easy positioning. Foam tac or epoxy is good for this.

Step 4: Assemble and glue nacelles to fuselage center:


Fold up stabilizers and glue to fuselage center upper.

Step 5: Add and glue Motor Mount Reinforcers:


20151105_221426 (1).jpg 

Step 6: Add tail assembly and glue to stabilizers and top wing:



Step 7: Fit wings:


Note how the straight surfaces on wing and fuselage center align at each of the three wing positions.

Step 8: Fit top surface of wings and glue:

20151105_223027 (1).jpg 



Step 9: Choose your sweep and fasten in place:

20151105_224618 (2).jpg  20151105_224328-1 (1).jpg  20151105_224217-1 (1).jpg 

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Dave Powers
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Haha, yes you are, Dave! You're lucky- you have your parts labeled. I had to guess what everything is. It's a wonder my planes fly at all, Haha. Did you choose a wing configuration? Did you choose a call sign?
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YES!!!! Normally, it's a pet peeve of mine to see an aviation video with any music from Top Gun... this might be exception So, bare that in mind when I build one and get some video.
Scratch build addict.
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Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, gibby! Highway to the danger zone...

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Because the swept back delta mode works the best - I want to play around with the wings open.
Going to add in some ailerons and get the feel of that straight wing.
I like the double foam thick wing. I can bevel the leading edge and make it very aerodynamic.
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Dave Powers
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You got it first Dave! Wish I'm not on business trip

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YES!!!! Normally, it's a pet peeve of mine to see an aviation video with any music from Top Gun... this might be exception So, bare that in mind when I build one and get some video.

Hiiiiiigh waaaaay toooo theee daanger zoooone!

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When you try movable wings, then you should try these configs. Yes, morphing is fun.

morphing 001.JPG 
morphing 002.JPG 
morphing 003.JPG 
I like to design and fly unique planes.
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2nd then....grrr!!!!! Video loading soon...very windy today, but I am impressed with just the maiden under my belt. I fixed my wings in the swept position...I know my flying preferences and I would never fly it in another configuration. 5a8be901-0226-47a4-ac87-3d4097bf0a45.jpg 





The speed of the build is impressive. I used foam tac, and even then, this was my fastest build ever. Large pieces and the bottom pan with the verticals attached allow it to come together quickly. A few hours, tops. 18.5 ounces with an 1800mah 3s. 2600kv motor, 6x3 emp (balanced) prop, 40 amp esc...little bit of sharpie magic for "paint".
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Nice Chip! Should be pretty good in the wind! Looking forward to the video!

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will try to build this soon myself....i may go for a mid sweep setup....just to be different from the Chipper
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FIRST video!!! Other than FRC...ha-ha Dave...great build log of pics guys...I put the nose on last, as I was eager to build and less inclined to read. The plane came out right in line with my days off, so I pounced.

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