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Denny....if you want i'll try to take a short video for you on this..it is really as simple as tie-ing all the wires for the LED strips together..positives all to one..and negatives all to one...then connect a JST plug to them..and plug it into this connector..or heck even wire it straight to the ESC battery in terminal.....they will be on all he time but you will never have to think about it...


That would be much appreciated as I am not electrically savy. I think Greg is going to do one also. The more the better for all of us!

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We will be doing a build video for the kits soon, and we'll add on an led segment too. But as Dan says, + to +, - to - and connect those to the battery. These lights are 12 volt lights so they'll take full voltage. Interesting thing: BJ (AsSoulsDream) must have a low cut off on his esc. When his battery was spent, his leds would start blinking!

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Ill have to vget it on video

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Cuz tooling around is just not my style of flying. Full stick and full travel control surfaces.

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