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What they did was completely unsafe and yeah stuff like this brings bad name for the rc world. This was just posted here as loving the 'IDEA' of what they did and just imagining how cool that must have felt also how challenging that must have been to accomplish. Yeah if they did that in the middle of nowhere would have been much safer option.
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Nakul; I don't want to be the dumb ass here but, have you ever been hit in the back of the head with at least a good hard slap while your trying to drive down the road? Sounds like fun YA.
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It wasn't until folks started publicly posting this stuff on YouTube for everyone to see...was there ever a "problem".

It wasnt' until RTF "Drones" (let's call em that to stick with the theme) started to get more reliable that there was ever a problem.
If you do even the slightest bit of building/assembling yourself, you'll be more knowledgeable than the dad who drops 1000 bucks on a phantom and starts doing long range. Looking at his setup, I would guess he spent some time thinking about this project.
I chase cars passing by all the time with my miniquad. Never have I or the passing cars ever had a bad crash. Mostly because the cars don't even notice it, but also because I keep a safe distance from everything that I could crash into.
Build it, fly it, crash it, build another.
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Its all about living on the edge , know one died and really who cares , If we lived by the rules we all would have boring life's .
Looks like the pilot has experience he kept the the plane high when other vehicles approached and lowered it when know one else was around .
Only one he danger'd was him self and even that was hardly endangering him self being in side a 2800 pound car vs 1.5 pound Electric plane now if it was Gas , or kerosene now that would be a different story

If you think you got your flying under control, Your not going fast enough
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