What up fellas. Been a while since i posted a new topic. With the pandemic there are some R/C part that may be harder to get and prices have gone up on some stuff. I continue to build to this day..and my stockpile of parts is large. But doesn't mean i still don't buy stuff to keep fresh parts on my drawers for builds. I've seen post on a few forums about where to buy stuff..motors..esc's...etc. And some of you may not know all the vendors to buy stuff from. disclaimer....I'M NOT Affiliated with any company listed below at all. This is just a quick list of some stuff i see out there you can i personally use and have not let me down.

I encourage ANYONE to add to this list and keep it going. The beginners book and parts lists are great...but updates are good too.

Ok..1st things 1st. This short list is aimed at the standard size RCP or FRC parkjet. To use a 6x4 prop and normal 2-4 servo setup. Foamie airplanes only. Helis and multirotors are a different matter lol

ESC's....for me..for any of my normal parkjets...i've learned to go above the normal suggestion of a 30 amp ESC. I use a 40 amp one if i use a 2200kv motor. My ESC of choice is the Skywalker 40amp esc. You can find these on ebay..but my source is (also my motor source)

So here is the link...
I mean $12! And it has a deans on it already (which i still use like a dinosaur). I've never had one of these fail and i have pushed them HARD. A turnigy ESC in the same size is almost double the price. You just need 3.5mm bullet connectors to solder on.

If i go/need a bigger esc i'll buy a red brick or something..but VH sells a 60 amp one for $27 and a 80 amp one for $35....GREAT DEALS!

Now..motor. There are a bunch of choices out there. Banggood sells some 2200's...there are ones on ebay etc. But I go with value hobby here again (see a pattern?) And here is why. They sell a 2200kv motor for 3s lipo with a motor mount and a prop adapter for only $6! Link..

This motor works great...and is similar power to any other 2212-6 motor. Did i say $6? lol 

Ok..servos. I've had good and bad ones. Lots of people swear buy the standard cheap plastic gear 9gram ones. Not me...why? I've broken a now..i only buy metal gear servos. If i can afford them i try to go for digital ones just cause the response time is better and less glitching.

VH offers these as well but not as the best price...but here are the ones i get from them...

BUT....lots of ebay sellers out there selling packs of 4-6-8 whatever for cheaper.

My REAL favorite servos are the HobbyKing 939 metal gear servos. They have been super reliable...and cheap. I think HK is folding their USA warehouse i'm not sure you can get these from that warehouse anymore. You can get them on the global here is that link...

I then stock up on servo extensions usually from any source i can find.

Receivers...well..depends on your radio system. I use Spektrum only. And this comes with a whole range of choices. Ebay is a great source for clones. I use clones almost exclusively...only when i fly my expensive/larger aircraft have i sprung for a real Receiver.

I used to buy all that hobbyking used to offer. But..their prices are climbing. You used to be able to buy a simple 6channel receiver for like $ more! BOO HOO!

Now i'm buying ones like this...

good old grayson hobby selling good stuff!

Ebay has plenty of choices too....example...

So some digging will help...why do i order from Valuehobby? They only charge $4 for shipping small stuff..and it comes priority mail in 2 a motor and esc shipped and delivered for under $23.

Lipos? well....i won't even get into lipos here..too many opinions out there. I now order them from chinahobbyline...cause they offer 70c 3s lipos for $20 and under. I'll buy batts from Thunderpower as well..but only if they have a sale..too expensive otherwise. Get a 40c pack minimum..i don't buy under 50c anymore.

So there is a start of a list for parts for the parkjets we have plans for here.

Please...anyone feel free to add their favs to this list...and if you are not in the US please note that 1st so we know where you are and what you are getting.

If anyone has a part request let me know and i'll suggest a place to get it....


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great info Dan thanks, Keep them flying
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