I'm an ex JR user and the 9X is an old JR design ... its why it fits the hand etc. as well as it does and sticks etc are good spacing.

I have two of them ... the FlySky factory version still with Fm aerial .... and a Turnigy rebadged without.

The FlySky is the original M64 with the small correction they applied to the board (some people called it Vers 2) ... and my Turnigy is the same but with the M128 chip.

Both 9x's were quickly reflashed to er9x so I could program easier and have extended mixes. I removed the FlySky modules and used FrSky .... marvelous combo's. 

Later I received a 9XR which failed within 5 minutes of switch on. Hobby King sent me a replacement which did the same. HK sent me another !! And another by mistake ! The last two worked fine. I gave the non-working two to a pal of mine who managed to get both working - it was screen failures - ... I gave him one in return for his work. 
Of course this now meant transfer of FrSky modules to the 9xr's ... and I bought another couple to give me 4 FrSky equipped radios. 
The 9x's - both had Smartieparts boards added ... then later one was upgraded with the excellent AR9x board. Sadly they are no longer available - if they were I would put one in the remaining 9x.

Anyway ... moving fwd - I had the original M64 9x sitting idle with no module. I have some WLtoys FlySky protocol models - so decided to put the FlySky module back in ... it also gave me option to use the FlySky Rcvr in a model.
For some reason it didn't work well ... and I shelved the radio. I didn't really need it and I had the original controllers for the WLToys gear.

Fast fwd to other day and I started the thread about Hydroplanes. I remembered that 9x sitting on the shelf and decided to drag it out. Charged it up .. it has 8x AA NiMh in it. It worked. Checked Rcvr ... it worked.

Plugged in ESC and motor ... it worked BUT Throt Cut if programmed de-activated throttle totally regardless of switch position. I tried everything - even contacted Joao on RCG who is THE 9x / 9xr guru ... he was baffled as well. Not only that but Ail D/R switch didn't work.

I tried every combo of mixes I could think of ... but what was apparent - the Safety Switch section had no X or S option ... 

It was headbanging time ... no way would I use it if I could not disable throttle. I was confused as I had flown some pretty amazing models with this before ... but NONE now worked properly.

Joao and I mused over this - then I said I would try to update the FW ... something I had not done for ages because later FW was geared to the 128 chip.

The SMP board even though basic has a direct USB mini port and does not need separate USBasp board. So I plugged in and up she came on eePe ... all appeared fine. 
I went to the er9x download site and scrolled through ... something struck me then.

er9x was available in straight er9x or FrSky compatible formats. I then checked my 9x and sure enough I had the FrSky version installed as the radio was previously with FrSky module.

I set Fuses ... downloaded er9x base M64 version ... flashed the radio and Bingo !! All working good. Throttle Cut has X - S options and works ... D/R fully operable ... 

I was chuffed .... now I could set to and get the Snowplane setup. 

WOAH ... not so quick me'ol fruit !! Now I started to see rapid drop in voltage ... I'd charge up my NiMh pack ... and within minutes of switch on - BEEP BEEP BEEP ..... This is not good as the 2200 NiMh pack in there used to give me well over 9 hours good use.

Here is where the 9x and its later cousins really score ... I took an old 800mAh 3S LiPo - soldered a servo lead to an XT60 plug ... XT60's joined, servo plug into the 9x battery socket ... switchyed on ... Voila !

Later I may get another of those 9xr Tx batterys as they are slim and designed to fit the battery compartment. A standard 3S from 1300 to 2200 is too fat ...

Looking fwd to getting the Snowplane out there !!  
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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