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working on a plane with no rudder, though it has, for now, two vertical stabs, until i get the chance to get a gyro. it will use drag rudders like this. and lower on the page is what the final glider will look like. if you see any flaws please point them out. thanx
Throttle management is not in my dictionary
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Interesting concept.

Is the picture at the bottom the actual plane?

Its huge! What's the wingspan??
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This is going to be a fascinating aircraft. I cannot wait to hear about your glider.
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Very nice very nice...

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it will slip through the air sideways.
I recently build a delta that had a very peculiar behavior until I added vertical fins.
The drag rudders will not change that.
Don't give it any dihedral that will make it roll.
If it can not fly with NiMH it is not a plane.
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cool design. do you know how you are going to make it yet?
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