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It is not so difficult Dan, low weight means a lot to be able to fly it in tight turns while maintaining control, the additional control surfaces I got with the two extra rudders in the vert stabz makes it even easier to perform tight HAlpha maneuvers close to the lens. Get on with it Guys!
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...That the RCP F22v5 with u-rudders along with the standard rudders in the vertical stabilizers, undoubtedly the best RCP foamjet I've ever flown. COG 1 " behind RCP Center COG spot. With a zippy 1000mAh 3s. Weight 20.6oz Thrust 50oz.
Thanks RCP!
great moves! well done

RCP v5 Raptor Dialed in for Close Combat.
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Sweet set up!
Great skills there too!
The Runway behind you is useless!
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Great job Airflow.
Keep them in the air, borg187.
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