I made about five test flights from grass with no problems. Dave is right about full throtle flight, as the plane does surge up and down. Flies nicely at part throttle, lands very slowly with slight power. Next flight was normal, zips across the grass, lifts off, then dives back to the ground at about two feet high. Question is, do you use full throtle to start to accelerate, then throttle back before the plane lifts off. I think the plane did its full throttle surgy thing right at take off. Funny the first five flights were without incidence. Plane needs a few hours of repairs.:nope:
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For a nice smooth take off you want to slowly throttle up. Notice how I say slowly so the plane accelerates and gains airspeed at a slower speed instead of jerking to a high speed and taking off out of control (in your case nosing down because you were going too fast). Remember to keep it smooth and let the plane take itself off
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Hard to describe in detail with just text, but yes, I do use "throttle" more on this plane with elevator inputs to control and smooth out the pitch.

I do go full throttle to take off and then dial back on the gas once its airborne. After that the throttle is at about 45% and I only give it more power for quick bursts of acceleration here and there.
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