Since there seems to be an interest in EDF's again, decided to show the wide range of how you can use it for research and fun. I have explored 64,s 70's,and 80's doing 3s to 6s. They all can do the job, but as you go up in size EDF, the plane's size, weight of batteries and speed(especially landing) as well as cost becomes astronomical. (Why pay $70 for a battery to have it crash and puff up and done?)

I rather use a 1300 and 3s and use the other money to buy other stuff. So I picked the 64mm and doing Nasa research, learned a lot of tricks to incorporate with the 64's. Started this venture in 2011. Learned to modify the EDF so it gets more thrust (loses some small amount of speed).

Important points:

1) Your plane platform for using EDF's needs to be "SUPER" light and really be a profile. Yes, add any shape for a cockpit, and that drag might make the difference between flying and crashing. Oh yes, more glue, it will due you in.
2) If you choke the exhaust, you will lose THRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Choke it too much, your done. I have never gone less than 95% of FSA.
3)Don't worry about the blockage internal, I designed THRUSTERS (2 carbon tubes behind the blades and venting flow at the top and bottom of the wing to prevent rocking as well as 1 carbon rod to strengthen the wing.) and watch the dome EDF video, it kicks butt.
4) Check out your EDF's in flight videos to see them flying, verses buying them from a site just sitting there in a picture. Many are poor thrusts makers.
5) If you expect to do lots of flying, buy replacement blades (in-flight vibrations) as your EDF's will also ingest pebbles, grass, etc.

All my 64 mmEDF's($10) and TV nozzles were bought after a video from Hobby Lobby. They are excellant and replace blades were $2.

After I modified the EDF for additional power, with light weight planes, here is what you can do.

Got brave to try:

Then went for this as well as: Can you takeoff and land twice on a strip

Designed "2 first" that no one else has done with 64 EDF's!!!!

The rudder is how it functions--left turns it up tyo 40 degrees, right moves it to -25 degrees on approach

Has 2 servos,elevons and no vertical or moving rudders and it flies very fast due to no vertical rudders.

Here is one I adapted from Alpha Jet Mod1

Last year, NASA was starting to evaluate boundary layers over wings ingesting into inlet blades. Not using any plans and wanting to try a tailless elevator), so I designed a forward swept wing (airflow goes inward to center of wing) to see if high alfa and higher lift can be achieved). Was probably my toughest project to get to fly.

What you can do with one, you can do with 2EDF's. Most of the time, I usually fly at less than 1/2 throttle.

This is the video where 3 carbon tubes are inside the exhaust nozzle.

Installed my 64 into the plane($52) and it kicks butt.

Bad feature, as you go up in size and speed, you tend to land faster and I keep tearing out the landing gear with this 70 mm foamy.

Last but not least, who needs landing gear, the 64EDF can take off at 1/2 power.

Hope you have fun with EDF's.
I like to design and fly unique planes.
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