Halloa RC people 🙂

yes! for a change I have me a RC airplane again! It's about time or what? 😉 And not just any plane..
a rather large 2.6 meter wingspan glider! 😃

Link to it: Esky Albatross - PNF 2.6 meter wingspan motor glider

So let's have a look at it! In this first video I do a quick unboxing and assembly-test 🙂

wingspan: 2600 mm
length: 1225 mm
root chorde: 22 cm - 8.7 inch
weight: 2.5 Kg
material: EPS + EPO plastic / foam
kit type: Ready, minus receiver and battery
motor: 2820 600 Kv
propellor: 14 x 8 folding
ESC: 40A with 3A BEC
servo's: 4x 9 gram digital, 2x 17 gram MG
receiver: at least 5 channel (not included)
lipo: 3200mah 4S (not included)
ailerons: yes
rudder: yes
flaps: yes
retracts: nope (hand launch)
lights: nope
stabeliser: nope
All kinds of planes, multi rotors, heli's, cars & boats..
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