Here are my videos with the E-flite UMX Ultrix BNF Basic Stunt Plane:


Maiden Flight:

Here are my Review Notes for this E-flite UM Ultrix:

- Great speed
- Fun 3D Style tricks & Highly Alpha/Harriers, etc.
- A fair price for twin motors
- 1S Brushless motors
- Long flight times
- The foam is thicker and more robust than other UMX Plane foam
- Has a skid for protection when landing on pavement or grass
- You can add lights
- It comes in a small box, perfect to slide in your car on the days you fly big jets like the E-flite Su-30.

- It is really small, but I could still see its orientation well overall
- No wheels
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thanks for the review..was thinking about getting one myself...
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I had this plane for this past winter's indoor season and it is highly versatile and a joy to fly.  I put the LED kit on mine and it is well worth it as it helps with indoor flying visibility.  the profile of the plane from the side is very thin and the LEDs added a way to track it.   Indoor it flew extremely slow in high alpha or would zip around with the fastest planes.  differential on the two motors helps high  alpha to be as smooth as silk while turning in high alpha.  one of my favorite indoor planes. As you see in the video above, it handles outdoor great too.   HIGHLY recommend getting one!
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Dan, you should get one for sure and I agree totally Eric! The only downside is people are buying up the compatible batteries since they enjoy flying it so much. I am mad at myself for waiting so long to get one lol
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