These are my videos for the new E-flite UMX Cirrus SR22T BNF Basic RC Plane with AS3X and SAFE Select.
This is my unboxing video:

In this video I go through my maiden flight with commentary and nice tight shots of this UMX RC Plane in the air:

Here are my review notes for this Ultra Micro E-flite Cirrus SR22T:

- The looks and scale details overall are well done
- This Ultra Micro Cirrus SR22T has nice bright lights
- A powerful 3600kv 2S Brushless motor
- It comes with a scale three bladed prop
- Carbon fiber spars running through the main wing and horizontal stabilizer
- It has a nice canopy with windows for FPV Flight
- The landing gear is removable for belly landing, but I would not recommend it with this three-bladed prop

- The scrape on nose is hard to miss and overlook
- The sloppy nose wheel impacts take-offs much like the E-flite UMX A-10 Warthog. Its ground handling is good enough for now, but I am not sure for how long.
- It would be nice to have servo protectors on the aileron servos
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This is the second flight with this plane.

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