These are my E-flite Night Timber X 1.2m BNF Basic RC Plane review videos.


Maiden Flight:

- Lights lights lights! They are stunning and will make a great E-flite Night Flyer!
- Parts and pieces are protected by plastic bags.
- A good color scheme.
- The landing gear it big and has nice suspension
- It has optional SAFE Select that I decided NOT to setup for now.
- The build & radio setup are not too bad.
- Big throws on the control surfaces for 3D flight
- Smart equipment features (Sorry I didn't cover them, I need more time for that)

- Small dents on top of the fuse
- The wiring by the main wing was wrapped around the servo so badly that I had to take things apart to reroute it.
- Collets for prop installation adds another possible failure point and is a very questionable choice on a plane like this that is marketed to hang by its prop.
- The battery bay being on the bottom of the plane is just plain silly in 2020. That is all I am going to say about that.

Link to the plane:
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This is a Sunset Flight with mine:

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I should make a note not to assume that just because a plane is 'Cessna-shaped' it doesn't mean it's going to have limited flight performance - this plane looks happy in just about any maneuver!

Did you notice any reduction in its tendency to roll right when you glide it? I'm wondering if that's torque roll - it clearly has a lot of power and so I would expect torque-roll if the prop hasn't been angled off to one side. If so, that's something pretty natural that's to be expected of the bigger mor realistic planes. I would be strapping an action cam to its underbelly and seeing what footage I could get at those impressively low speeds it cruises at! 🙂
BRB - Building another nosecone.
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Good questions! I think it is because of the stubby wings and finding the perfect CG.

This flight was recorded about 20 minutes after this one:

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