I have been trying to mentally make changes to plans since I use a different thickness of foam. I also do my score and fold opposite from most. So the question is, what programs are being used to make these plans and where can I get them? 

During my last build there there were many times that I found problems with my build as far as spacing and alignment. I would like to be able to make some changes to the lines on the paper to suite my building style. 

Also so I only use dollar tree foam so I always have to cut up the plans to fit on the smaller sheet of foam. Depron is all but gone so I would like to see an update to print sizes. 

Any suggestions?
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Well there are some fairly low cost software programs you can get to import pdf plans and be able to edit them such as DrawPlus X8. I initially had their free version but it was very limited and wouldn't import the pdf files and I upgraded to the X8 version and I think it cost me about $40.00 CA and it does ok for what it is worth. Modifying the pdf plan  for small parts and such or creating pages that fit your foam sheet size would be somewhat easy but changing spacing and alignment is a little harder to do, take your fuse when laid out on the plan and here you have a spiderweb of lines to adjust and keep everything symmetrical is almost impossible. You would need to basically start with the 3D model first and make the adjustments and then roll it out into plans again and that is where the fancier more costly software comes in. Also hard to say if the designers would give you those files. 
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