Has anyone built an EDF single or twin for the new V3 models?
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not sure if anyone has done one yet..i did one for the Mig-29V1 with good results..not as fast as the prop model and not as much power and high torque push and ability to punt out of a bad manuver..but it flies well....the V3's are a bit bigger..so i think a 70mm EDF would be necessary to power one to a good speed...

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I don't know what the V3 weighs, but a general rule of thumb if the plane is 1 ish lb or so, 64mmEDF with 3s lipo will work, if it is 2 ish, you better use a 70mm with a 4s lipo. Don't even think about doing a dual 64mm setup, landing speed is terrible.
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I would even say 90MM for a V3
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My mig 29 v1 was at 115% so that was about the same wingspan as the v3's. It flew great at 32 oz with a 70mm edf with 2200 4s. The F18 would be the plane NOT to use as an EDF plane. I think the Mig 29 and F35 would be fine.
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