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Wildthing wrote:
Most of them will be. Some areas even around here max 10 people rule

Wow, that many? In Germany It's limited to 2 people. Tho it's unclear wether that means 2 people in total or independent meetings of 2 people each.

So far I've been using the good weather to ride my Dirt Jumper again, mostly together with my neighbour who happens to like the same thing. My days have been normal for the most part, but as long as I can't get a secure grip on what the hell the current RC flying laws are I'll leave my planes hanging from the ceiling.
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Police are told in Latvia to apply fines of up to 2000 Euros if more than 2 people group or they find a person who should be quarantined out in street.
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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Dodgy Crasher
Yeah but a lot of people are ripping the piss out of the social isolation thing, guy walks by my house 10 times per day with 2 kids and his wife , he ain't isolating like he is supposed to be doing, in fact I don't even know if he lives in my street because I have not seen him before this government isolation thing started.
I think this pandemic won't end in 2020, in fact it's gonna be tough for us guys to go out flying because it's a very visible hobby, I'm debating buying an fpv headset and a drone with good flying times so I can just fly right out my door.
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If you live under the same roof that is not a gathering so if it is him , his wife and 10 kids that's fine and walks in your area are ok but then there is the 2 meter distance rule if there is someone else on the sidewalk also. If you do grocery shopping it should only be one member that does it, not take the whole family. Playgrounds are closed  because the virus can live on the equipment. 

In a neighboring city a couple weeks ago a 23 year old girl that had tested positive  got caught out in public, she was fined $3000.00 CA.   There are still tons of stupid people out there that don't think anything of it and are going about life as if nothing is happening. 

The only way this thing is going to stop is when they come up with a vaccine. Now there were some reports even locally that they are close but there is one about the horse de-wormer drug ( starts with an L drug) that they say does kill the virus. My niece has horses and say she has 2 bottles of it , give me 1/5 the dose and call it done I told her. 😃 😃  
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Dodgy Crasher
Yeah but I live in Scotland Wildthing and here you are only allowed to go out for food, medicine, vital supplies, etc, if none of them you are allowed to leave the house for 1 hours exercise per day, clearly this guy is pretty much ignoring the government guidelines, however I'm not the police so I'm not really that bothered and just saying not everybody is adhering to rules set out to protect them and others, I went flying yesterday morning for maybe an hour in a field near my house, not supposed to be doing that either but I'm not walking anywhere near people or indeed in front of people past their houses, flaunting the rules in the open ðŸ˜¬
By the way can you post me a half bottle of that dewormer ðŸ˜‰, mind you I reckon it will taste ðŸ˜
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To me the fight was already lost when the government didn't close the borders when the threat was looming. They should've done that and stopped every single person that wasn't a german citizen returning from whatever they were doing from entering Germany, and the returning citizens should be screened immediatly and put in quarantine if they're found infected!

But no, political fuckin' correctness was of course more important than protecting the country!
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