Last winter I had decided this time I was going to buy a ready built quadcopter rather than struggle with all the decision making and ordering all the various parts and labor. I had set my fancy on the GepRC, 5 inch Mark-2 5s capable freestyle BNF. Ordering from Banggood for around 250'ish and watched as it made that long dragging trip through China Post, the flight over seas and waiting while time stops as it walks its way through customs. It was about 5 weeks later I signed for it at the door ... sweeeeeet.

I didn't waste anytime binding up, setting the basic Arm, Mode and Beeper functions and she hovered glassy smooth in the garage that night much to my delight. Now if the weather will only clear up a little I can actually make a real test flight.
The next day while admiring my new performance quad I thought I would setup my FPV link, OSD screen and dampen down the PID tuning some to better control the early season thumbs and get a better feel for what I had. All fine and exciting stuff so far right ?

I had made one fatal mistake. While still connected to betaflight I had inadvertently pulled the battery and that was the last time the flight controller would boot up on it's own. Needless to say I was furious with myself and still slightly confused as to ... why.
Board_Fail.jpg Zoom-1.jpg 
An hour later I had discovered that the 5volt regulator in the 4 in 1 ESC board was dark ... no 5 volts at all. Here I had spent about 250'ish bux on this uber cool quad frame and it was already scorched after one hover indoors... wtf !!

I decided to just go ahead and order a replacement ESC board and flight controller I was better familiar with and scrap the VTX/Flight controller board combo that seemed to run a little too warm to my liking anyway. The Matek flight controller and VTX I already had in hand and only had to order a little more hefty ESC.

Back to Banggood and another painfull wait as my replacement 4 in 1 esc made its way to my door. Once here it was 24 hours later I was back where I started and hovering in the garage. I spent the next week or so working out various vibes and oscillations being felt through the frame and tweaking on the PIDS. Today this is now the single fastest quad that I have. It now flies better than ever and nothing is running warm anymore.  Battery, motors and current draw is all well within spec and after 7 minutes of hard pushing things are still cool enough to the touch and running surprisingly efficient on 4s 1500mah.

ALL of this could have been avoided had they incorporated a 15 cent isolation (reverse emf) diode between the esc and flight controller 5 volt buss.
In hind sight would I do this approach again with a BNF quad copter ... definitely NOT. I was already 300+ bux in the hole and still had to buy batteries.
This is how she looks today and yes ... I am very happy with the result now.
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Nice writeup sir 🙂  And well.. I wish my self-builds only cost $300 😉  

Having said that: you then have All components the way you want them to be.. When short on time, or simply not in the mood to build GepRC does make well behaved quadro's..
And yes, the electronics need a bit more care (then for instancen Diatone stuff)

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