Guys - I am truly sorry that I have not been able to come over to UK with boxes of Depron. 

My businesses have had terrible time because of US sanctions affecting all aspects of Black Sea and Middle East bank affairs. 
My businesses rely on speedy transactions in UAE Dubai, Turkey and various areas surrounding. Even though I am not involved in Sanctions - they bite hard into banking.
I haven't been paid for 3 months due to this ridiculous situation.

Once I have things getting back to normal - I will most certainly hold to my promise and bring over boxes of FULL sheet Depron ... sheets large enough you do not have to cut wings in half !! 

I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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Hi Nigel! Sorry to here things aren't going to plan, no worries on the depron! This hobby will always be put on hold for work and family, that's why I have been very quiet on here this last year or so. 

Hope things pick up soon! 
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Tks B ... its making life a bit hard ... 

Its only when something like this happens you understand how international affairs strike at the heart of everyones lives. People look at Syria, Iran, Turkey etc. and may think ... what has that got to do with my job at Sainsbury's or what ever ... (I only use S's as an item ... ). But because of banking being a international institution - it affects everyone down the line.

At present I am in discussion with partners and clients to work around banking intermediarys - which is how sanctions actually work - they control the correspondent banks who conduct the financial transfers.

Anyway - enough about that !! Modelling !!  
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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