Texas Buzzard
I have a Sky Rider ready for the electronic hookup.

I cannot find the video showing how to. Dave had a video about 1.5 yrs ago.

Perhaps some kind soul could post a diagram of the Sky Rider set up.

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This may help.

Video links don't go anywhere - but there may be some info somewhere.

RCSuperPowers SkyRider - RC Groups

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Yep, I'm redoing that section of the site, since there were no plans made it had not been top priority as there weren't enough hours in the day.

However, as a bandage, here are the instruction links:

(linux doesn't like the url capitals letters)
...I see you.
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Linux does not dislike capital letters. It merely expects case to match.

I.e. In Windows:


Any and all combinations are exactly the same, yet in Linux you can have four separate, different files in the same directory/folder with those aforementioned names. Quite simply Linux is case sensitive.
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Val, Some of the Video links don't work, but it was nice to watch the build. I'm building an E-Starter with Dual Ailerons so I'm watching anything I can on building :yes:
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Is anyone still working on the skyrider?
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This is the first time I have seen it, but I`ve only been a member of the forum for 5 years🙂
Wildthing built something similar last year if you need to know how to hook one up.
Wot, no Depron?
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I've thought about that myself, mainly coz I'm considering the Sky Rider a possible future project. I haven't tested this, but the explanation should make sense:

So the SkyRider has elevons on both the front and the rear wing which have to move the same direction front and rear for roll but opposite directions front and rear for pitch.
The servos can only be connected one way and the way they move can't be altered for each individual servo unless u've got some fancy programmable stuff onboard, which is gonna increase weight, so this is how I would connect and mount the elevon servos (if u don't have a transmitter-included mixer u'll need to put an onboard mixer between the receiver and the Y-connectors):
Why does one pair of servos need to be swapped left and right? Coz if u don't, one pair of elevons is gonna go the wrong way on roll, regardless of ur reverse switch's position.

And of course this will still work if u flip the servos inward by 90 degrees and mount them on the insides of the fuselage's side walls with just the servo arms protuding.

Btw, does anyone by any chance still have the PDF plans for this thing? I'm sure I could reconstruct it by myself somehow but PDFs would sure as hell save me a lot of time.
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I have pdf, just not sure if it is Dave's original or not at this point. Part of why I was asking if anyone was still working on it. Thank you for the diagram. That is sure to help.
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Yup. I'd say that's exactly it! Thanks alot! Gonna have to build it half scale tho in order to keep its weight below 250 grams, which in Germany seems to be the maximum weight for unregulated RC planes by now.

EDIT: I just noticed that there's a servo wiring diagram in the instructions PDF. Pretty much what I described in my post, just that the rear servos are facing forward and the front servos are facing backward with both the front and rear being linked with servo arms and control horns facing the same way.
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