I'm a little confused. The master parts lists specs these parts at 1/8", The hardware and materials list for the F-35 templates for these parts shows 1/16". The Dupro quick links will only fit 1/16". I posed the question to Grayson but got no answer. On the plans the dimensions for the slots for the control horns is 1/16". I had some1/16" plywood from Midwest Products so I cut control horns from that and instaled them in all my control surfaces. I do feel the motor mount should be 1/8" thicks so the screws would better. can I get some clarification please??
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Either works. All I can easily find locally is 1/8" so that is what I use. I make my own control horns on a scroll saw. Sometimes I'll use a belt sander to sand the 1/8" smaller then I'll usually have to use a dremel with a cut off disc to sand around where the clevis will attach so it can grip properly.

But, if you can find 1/16" ply that would work well too and would be less work. Although, personally I like 1/8" for the motor mount because I use the servo screws (the ones that look like wood screws) and I don't think 1/16" would hold on to those as well.

I bought a Maybz F14 laser cut kit with hardware several years back and it came with 1/16" parts which worked well and were strong enough. If you want to make the 1/16" wood stronger you can soak it with super glue. Just let the glue dry before you put it near foam unless it is foam safe.
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You can use Argonath's method (and it is a good one) or Ed's method at "Experimental Airlines" of a used credit card/gift card. Cut out the shape, as per the plans, drill a hole the same size as your push rod and connect. You do not need to follow the examples exactly, find something that you can do/have the materials at hand and make it work! That is part of the hobby, see a problem, resolve a problem and then share what you have learned.
Most commercially available clevis's will not accept 1/8" inch or even 1/16" material. So something a kin to a credit card works really well, use it on all my builds, thanks Ed.
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Popsicle sticks are great for control horns too, as are some brands of dental flossers. I've made motor mounts our of 1/16" and 1/8" ply as well as CDs. I like the 1/8" ply personally - it just feels more solid on the foam, and yeah - the screws are NEVER coming out unless I want the to. Anything that you can cut to shape and mount the "X" firmly on is fine.
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Ive used the pop sticks which work great. Now Im using the baseless horns from HK. For rods I've ben using metal coat hanger wire to nylon clevis' and a z bend on the servo side. On the mount department my solution has been 1/8 ply and a hole saw. Just don't over think it. These systems are very forgiving. Oh yeah a good tip on mounting the horns if you are using epox is to dip them once shove them in and take them out, then reapply glue place them. The double dip will ensure you have plenty of adhesive in the slot and not just the surface. Happy building.
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