"Education is not about filling buckets; it is lighting fires." W.B. Yeats

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That's a beautiful area. My family and I enjoy going on those types of walks. But we have never done that type of climbing.

My father, brothers and I climbed Mt Whitney, the tallest mountain in the continental United States.
The trail started at 8000 feet, we had to climb the remaining 6000 feet in 13 miles. There is no vegetation near the top, nothing grows that high up. They have a hut at the top, built from stone and mortar. Inside, there is a book you can sign. The signatures looked like chicken scratches; I thought "I can do a lot better than that". I was wrong; at 14,000 feet, that air is awfully thin. I did not realize that it had that much of an affect on me till I tried to sign that book.

The lands around the trail were beautiful, and the views were breath taking. Some drops on the edge of the trail were over 2000 feet down the side of the mountain, the trail was always very thin in those places. It was not a safe easy trail. Most people only walk to the first lake. There were 5 glacier feed lakes on the way up. We soaked our feet in the cool water, and played in the snow. My parents took us places and sent lots of time with us. The most important thing you can give to your kids, is your time. Give it 8 years Squishy, and your kid will be up on those rocks with you.
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