A plane doesn't need to be expensive and look amazing to be a good plane. votes

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So recently i have been just throwing planes together just for the heck of it, with no plans or anything, just what comes out of my head. I build the frame in a few minutes and add way to big of a motor, nothing is in proportion, it literally shouldnt fly...then i go and fly it. This plane for example...

That plane i made in an hour, it has a 20 inch wingspan and is 36 inches long made of .5 inch screams crap.. ok it flies ok but it is one of those planes that we all eventually fly that doesnt fly good but flies does those weird random maneuvers that make it a ball to fly, literally i am laughing as i fly this. It actually came from a friend in art class. we made guitars from paper mache and mine was a plane. He challenged me to make one that flies so i did...i didnt change any dimensions from the guitar, just made it into foam. it flies amazing. Anyone got any of these types of fun random planes they have?
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Ya except mine don't fly very long ( can some one grab a garbage bag please?) I haven't really done a lot of my own designs but some have been complete failures while some fly better than the store bought planes
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