I have a Renault Master van and a Volvo XC70.

The Renault has an all in one key / button remote ..... 

Volvo has separate key and remote.

I left my Renault key at Dubai Airport security one time and luckily my office was able to collect and courier to me in Latvia ... I have only ever had one key for it.
I looked into getting another key and of course it has to come from Renault as its coded to the vehicle.... they supply and then local dealer completes the job ... cheapest quote I had was near 300 Euros !! WHAT ????? As I said to them - I only want a key ... 

Now my Volvo ... I can get a key cut at local DIY and the Remote is available at about 100 euros OEM.

Today I decided I need to sort this out for the Renault ... so I have ordered a Universal Remote ... one you place the original next to and then press the buttons to send signals - the universal then records. I also ordered a blank key that can be cut .... the remote case part can stay empty as I will have the universal separate.
Total price incl shipping 18 Euros.

Interested to know if anyone else has gone similar route with universal ?

If it works ... it certainly appears that car manufacturers are ripping us off again !!
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Have you successfully tried starting the car witbout the original key anywhere near it? Perhaps the imobilizer won't disengage witbout it being in reach.
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I don't have any key to try it with as I only have the one original.

I have a feeling after reading up a lot online - that the immobiliser is going to be a pain ... 

I may end up taping the original key near the ignition and then have a couple of fobs / base keys to use ... 
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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