i use this radio with 2.4 ghz futaba system.

can i use 3s li-po to power this Tx,
3s li-po- 11.1 v
if i balance and drain it to ~10V . will it work fine for this tx.

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You can use a lipo at storage voltage (3.8v per cell) and stop use it when the volt indicator Mark 9,8 this level of charge the lipo the discharge accelerate... At this point the battery may be damage..
if you put more than 11v in the battery the rx could burn .
I kill my first 8u with a little overcharged lipo, because of that I recommend you buy a LiFe battery , the max charge is 10,8v and you can overdischarge and the battery don't take any consequence...
I use life in my 8u and 9cap and work perfect for more than two years

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good luck!

tx Futaba 9CAP & 8U
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hm one of my freinds put a lipo battery in his remote and he was having connection problems?? idk if it would work because you a have a different remote?!?!?
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Spektrum an I agree with Rodrigo. I own a Spektrum DX 7. The stock 8 cell Ni-MH is a 9.6 volt battery, it shows 11.2 volts when it is fully charged. It says 1500mAh, but it doesn't last long.
In the Spektrum DX 7 manual, I saw a warning to never use a standard 3 cell LiPo to power the transmiter, It said you could fry the transmiter.

A standard 3 cell LiPo, fully change, is at 12.6 volts. If you discharge it down to 10 volts before use, You're putting a dead battery into your transmiter. Why would you want to do that ???

This type of batterybn is what they suggest:
Turnigy nano-tech 2100mAh 3S1P 20~40C LiFePo4 Transmitter Pack

The DX 8 will let you charge the battery in the transmmiter; But most transmiters will not let you do that. For them, you need to remove the battery and use the same charger you use for the LiPos you power your planes with. If you use a LiFePo4 Transmitter Pack, you need a charger that is compatable with that battery.
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Thank u so much luke.
i thought my t8u will be dead in my closet.
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