Hi , after i try everything and watch 100 time of all rcpower video . i still cant fly a plane into the sky, fly up a little bit also cant, really ! my plane like to suck grass .
So please help me
Part i Used

    • Propeller TGS
    • Hobbyking 2.4ghz 6 ch tx/rx
    • HXT900 9g/1.6kg/.12sec
    • Zippy Flightmax 1800mah
    • Hobbyking ss series 25-30A ESC
    • Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv outrunner motor

Correctly check :
[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Arial]1) Battery On The Right Side.
2)A Bit Nose Heavy.
3)Prop Check.
4) Control Check.

[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Arial]
[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Arial]i just not sure isn't my battery weight is correct :
[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Arial]
[FONT=Times New Roman][FONT=Arial]5)Power To Weight Ratio
[FONT=Arial]Did i need to change

    • [FONT=Arial]battery to Turnigy nano-tech 1300mah 25c to 50c
    • or Turnigy 1300 mah 25 c
    • or get a higher A ESC

please give me suggest and help me fly this plane !

Thank you
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Are the letters on your prop facing the front of the plane?
Yes, I've known that I'm "different" for some time now...
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Have you flown anything before?
If you doubt in your flying skill,use the programming cable to connect transmitter
to the PC and have some practice on simulator.
FMS is for free and good enough to learn orientation.
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The folks on this forum are always willing to help another builder but you need to give us a little more information.
What plane did you build? Your power system seems right but I would have gone with the 45a Turnigy ESC, just my personal choice. Your prop,TGS, I am not familiar with usually we use an APC 6x4 electric pusher. Your choice of battery is fine I fly my F22 on a 1600 3 cell high discharge and it is fine.
Help us and we will help you, GB.
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