Since hearing that Dave will be leaving the community that he created here at RCPowers.com, I decided to start a thread in his honor.

I'm sure we've all gleaned some useful tidbit of information, or heard something funny that Dave has said in one of his videos.

This was my favorite:

"Me Gyro. Me fly plane."

Let's hear your favorite "Dave" quotes!
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In all the videos I can remember him saying “Hey Alright!”
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Don't forget Shannon. In the same video she had two major quotes back-to-back.

When Dave talked about how metal gear servos were much sturdier, Shannon confirmed it with a simple "Duuuuhh!'

Then, a second or two later, "Can I get a sandwich now?"

Classics . . . .
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And who could ever forget Dave's, "You decide!"?
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My favourite. It`s an FU47. Just crash it.
Wot, no Depron?
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A sad day. Will be very sorry to see Dave leave the community but glad to see that F1Wannabe will be taking over the forum in a new format.

I've just saved all my purchased plans to my local drive along with any build instructions.

Best wishes for you Dave in all your endeavors and thank you for all that you have done for those of us here at RCPowers.

Good luck with the forum and I'll try to be a ghost on the new forum as well . I know I'm nowhere near as prolific a poster as I once was but I enjoy reading the builds people post and I'm always looking to see new ways to do things.
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