Ends up that my Wonderful F-22 V2 KF3 is now too HEAVY for my current Moter set up, it's only rated up to 32oz
I'm weighing in at 38oz...
So back to the V1... with a couple of mods, now it's a 2x4 set up and a relocated battery box, which gave me a perfect CG!! and only 24oz all inclusive

Happy Contrail's !!
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That looks great! When's the maiden?
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Hoping to Maiden it this weekend, but found I have a BAD servo...Damn it!!! it literally FREAKS out and starts flippen all over the place, all on it's own...
I have bought new servos, so I just need to replace them I also replaced the Prop with an ACP 6x5 instead of my MS 7x6 and I filled in the Cut-out's I had for the bigger prop, see pic's belowIMAG0032.jpg IMAG0033.jpg IMAG0034.jpg IMAG0035.jpg  Not my cleanest Build, but I've REALLY had to Mod it, from it's Original, as I've changed up from Learning
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If all goes' well, I found a New Hobby store, I just started dealing with, close by me, which carry's Dupron..
Bought a sheet for my J-22 Build and surprise, surprise!! it weigh's less then the 3M Foamboard I have been using from wally world... of course the wally world(same as dollar store) foam is only $1.40, at Tim's Hobby I paid $15 a sheet( I know, I can order it cheaper) but at Tim's I get it today, anyway I'm gonna get a few more sheet's and rebuild the V1, paint it and all
For now I'm Just gonna fly the wing's off this one... Let er RIP!!!IMAG0036.jpg 
I have Two Trunagi D2826-6 2200KV moters and an Orange Rx3s, 3 axis flight stabilizer V2, on their way, Via a slow boat from China... HobbyKing said "45 Days" shipping (yike's!!) once they get here, I can finish My F-22 V2 !!!

Just starting to get some NICE Weather here I the Emerald City...

Happy ConTrails to All !!!
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In a V1, it's very easy to keep the weight under 20 ounces.
Every gram counts. Build light, and your plane will have better performance.
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