Puedo conectar un ESC 30A a un motor2200 kv Turnigy battery 2200 maH
con prop 6x4

Quiero volar hoy pero aún no me ha llegado el ESC 40A

Can i conect ESC 30A to one Motor 2200kv Turnigy Whith prop 6x4 ?
2200 maH battery

I want fly today but the other ESC 40A it's not Here !!!!

I'M so sorry for my English,
it's so bad

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You should be fine, but I wouldn't go full throttle too much. Maybe take it up for a couple circuits and check the esc and motor temperature. My thoughts anyway.

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Yes. Stay off full throttle for any duration and you should be fine, most 30A ESCs have a 10A cushion so 40a bursts should be ok.
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my frc su 37 and rcp su 30 are both on 30a esc since their build several years ago and are both fine,but as every one says wot in moderation,i tend to fly slower and more acrobatic so ive had no problem.i believe they were recommended when I 1st built mine but times change.
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Thanks every body !!! Es maravilloso recibir tanto apoyo
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