This is my Avios Spitfire Mk Vb Super Scale 1450mm RC Warbird Unboxing & Build. This is the newest plane from HobbyKing and it is a highly detailed RC Plane version of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk5.

Here are my review notes:

- Big and beautiful with tons of scale detail
- Lots of bright lights
- Scale split flaps
- The huge motor that runs on 3300 to 4000mAh 6S power
- Pan and tilt FPV hardware is included
- The sliding canopy and scale door is the ultimate in scale detail
- Ball link servo connectors
- Hidden control surfaces for a more scale look

- I don't have any cons currently, but I will update this after I fly it and note any I come across.

Link to the plane:
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I was able to fly it yesterday and here is the maiden flight!
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Where can I get a big plane like this thank you
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You can get one right here:
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Nice footage! It is refreshing to see a video with an actual plane in the frame rather than a spec in the sky. Of course it helps it's a big bird, but still: kudos for the video guy!
My avatar is what I look like after a "landing"...
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Thanks man! John VH of JohnVHRC was my cameraman for that flight. We both like to watch videos of planes in the frame, so we try our best to make what we want to watch ourselves.
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